Facebook must be held accountable

Facebook must be held accountable

Facebook's controversial privacy policy still doesn't make clear on how and on what extent personal information and private conversations are collected and analyzed.

Multiple reports suggest that some sort of audio collection is made via the Facebook app in order to improve targeting for their advertisement product. People still don't believe that Facebook isn't collecting such information, and we can't blame them.

In my personal experience, since uninstalling the Facebook app from my phone and white listing facebook.com on AdBlock I have experienced a crash drop in relevant ads. It happened several times when I had the app on my phone that relevant ads appeared on my Facebook feed and most of them could only relate to conversations I was having in private or TV programs I was watching. It just simply stopped happening since I uninstalled the app.

How would you explain that?

Facebook hasn't yet made clear how this could happen and hasn't been explicit on how they use information collected from computers and mobile phones. They even started tracking people who aren't logged in or have an account in order to offer advertisers with a broader sample for their targeting.

The opacity in their data collection terms must come to an end and they must be forced to make clear what information they are collecting and how they are using it.

I encourage everyone to uninstall the Facebook mobile app and sandbox your Facebook use on a separate and secure web browser like Firefox or any other of your choice, given that you will only use that browser to use Facebook.

I'm also looking for volunteers willing to run tests and log their experience with using the Facebook app to voluntarily discuss topics that have never been searched or could be tracked by any other trackers in order to determine if Facebook is actually using voice recognition or image analysis to collect private information like your offline interests.

The results will form part of a research document that will then be made available on an open source license to promote collaboration and knowledge on this issue.

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