We'll pay $150 to whoever writes the best essay about why Silicon Valley sucks

We'll pay $150 to whoever writes the best essay about why Silicon Valley sucks

Artificial Intelligence, a new website about the failed promise of Silicon Valley, is hosting its first writing contest!

We launched AI to raise a discussion about the sanctimonious hypocrisy of the tech industry. Silicon Valley promised to change the world. Now they're all filthy rich and the world is still shitty. They've exploited workers, dodged taxes, invaded our privacy, injected vitriol and misinformation into the public discourse, and used "philanthropy" to serve their own interests. If you agree, then we want you to write for us!

AI is offering $150 to the person who submits the best original essay explaining why Silicon Valley is fundamentally evil. Essays should be at least 600 words and written in journalistic style: well-reasoned, evidence-based, persuasive. The deadline to submit is July 10.

Here's how to enter:

  • Send us an email with "Silicon Valley essay contest" in the subject line to benwolford at protonmail dot com.
  • In the body of the email, include your name, profession and city of residence.
  • Indicate whether you agree to let us publish your essay even if you don't win the contest.
  • Paste your entire submission into the body of the email.

Contest rules:

  • Only one writer will win the $150.
  • Writers may submit more than one essay.
  • While writers may decline to allow us to publish their losing essay, all entrants agree to let us publish the winning essay on AI.
  • Writers agree to work with AI editors on revisions in the event their essay is chosen for publication.
  • AI editors will decide the winning essay based on the quality of the writing and the persuasiveness of the argument. All decisions are final.
  • AI will announce the winner after the deadline has passed and will email all contestants.
  • Prize money will be sent by check.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Ben & Stefano

Ben Wolford

About Ben Wolford

Ben Wolford is a journalist based in the Middle East. He is the editor of Artificial Intelligence and a quarterly magazine called Latterly.