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Silicon Valley promised to change the world. Now they're all filthy rich and the world is still the same. They've exploited workers, dodged taxes, invaded our privacy, injected vitriol and misinformation into the public discourse, and used "philanthropy" to serve their own interests.

Artificial Intelligence is where anyone can savage Silicon Valley for its sanctimonious hypocrisy. We're looking for essays, op-eds, reported journalism, first-person accounts, think pieces, videos... whatever you've got. We're not interested in gossip, revenge pieces, gratuitous rants or articles that would appeal to only a small group of people. AI is a blog that challenges the tech industry sharply but constructively. Executives too often ask "can we?" and too seldom ask "should we?" Silicon Valley has done -- and will do -- great things. Monumental things. Good things. But their decisions affect too many lives: We need to remind them to execute their vast enterprise with compassion and humility.

If you agree, then we'd love to publish your work. On our first day of publication, we got 3,000 hits. We need your help to keep growing.

Send submissions and comments to benwolford at protonmail dot com with "Blog submission: [Subject]" in the subject line. We pay our writers whatever their articles earn in ad revenue during the first 30 days after publication. (Right now we're getting about $2.30 CPM with only one banner; we'll probably add another.) We know that's not a lot of money right now, but you'll earn more as the blog grows. Needless to say, we don't have VC backing.

AI is edited by Ben Wolford and Stefano Garavelli, the guys behind the quarterly magazine Latterly.

Thanks and hope to hear from you!